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Random Characters

Name: Wing

Appearance: Wing is the person who taught Gon and Killua the knowledge on Nen. He is young and looks cool in his glasses. The other front side of his polo shirt is always untucked. It's a reasonable mystery. I believe it has something to do with his Nen.

Personality: Wing was first introduced in the Celestial Tower with his student Zooci. Zooci tried to use Nen in his fight with Killua for he was having a hard time and it really stunned Killua for he recognizes the aura very similar to his brother's (Irumi). Wing roared angrily over the earsplitting noise in the arena to stop Zooci from doing what he planned to do. Zooci lost. Gon and Killua became very curious so they approached Wing unreluctantly. At first, Wing lied about Nen but later on, he explained the truth. Gon and Killua didn't take time in learning their powers.

Name: Senritsu
Nen: Emission

Appearance: Senritsu is a character who looks like a boy who is actually a girl! She is semi-bald and has the teeth of a rabbit. All in all, her appearance is pretty weird.

Personality: Senritsu is a very kind and considerate person. Her sense of hearing is very sensitive that she can hear footsteps, whispers and heartbeats even if she's meters away. Lies don't work when you talk to Senritsu because she knows if a person is lying just by his/her heartbeat. She was the only person (except Gon, Killua and Leorio) whom Kurapika confessed with.

Goal: Senritsu's ultimate goal is to find and destroy the Sonata of Death. This is the reason why she applied as a bodyguard of Neon - hoping to find the song in one of the auctions in York New City. The Sonata of Death, which was composed by the Prince of Darkness, can be played in the piano, violin, flute or lyre and brings death to anyone who hears it. Senritsu had a friend who died because of this that's why she wants to destroy it so that it can no longer kill anyone. She has already heard part of the sonata and that made an injury in her arm.

Nen: In the animé, Senritsu is the only Hunter openly introduced as Musical. The music produced when she plays an instrument soothes someone's weariness and illness which means that her aura is emitted through it.

Name: Neon Nostrad
Nen: Specification
Ability: Lovely Ghost Writer

Personality: Neon is a very cute pink-haired girl that is absolutely spoiled. She is the daughter of Kurapika's boss in York New City. Everytime the things she wants aren't followed, she goes wild. Because of her Nen ability, his father became famed - that's why he couldn't afford lose her.

Nen: Neon is a fortune teller. She foretells someone's future using her Nen and none of her predictions turned out wrong. The person who wants to know his/her future should write his/her name and age in the paper where Neon is supposed to inscribe the insight or premonition. When she uses her Nen, a ghost appears in her hand and does the work while Neon is absentmindedly writing. Neon cannot foretell her own future. This ability, unfortunately, was stolen by Kuroro.

Name: Biscuit Crueger

Appearance: Biscuit is another cute girl in the animé. She wears her long hair in a jinky way and dresses a balloon skirt. But the fact is, she is a 57 year-old ProHunter who's been using Nen for 40 years. And I suppose you no longer wonder why she still looks young, do you?

Personality: Biscuit is one of the people who entered Greed Island with Gon and Killua. At first, she pretends to be mean by attempting to break the two boys' friendship. When she first talked to the kids, Killua simply ignored her and it really made her mad. However, when she found out that the two are not skilled enough to live to tell the tale in the game, she decided to help them. She is very kind to teach Gon and Killua all the things about Nen. As a long-time Nen user, her proficiency in battle is more than enough to give Hisoka pleasure. Biscuit Crueger was Wing's Nen instructor.

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