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Episode Guide

Genei Ryodan OVA 1

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Episode 1 Spider x Shitai x Fake: The Spider is still alive and kicking. The corpses found were illusions. Kurapica, what shall we do? Gon and Killua, need your help!

Episode 2 Buddy x Make Up x Hell: The Spider finally found out the true objective of Kurapica. They have started to search for him with the help of Coltopi. Will Kurapica find it in time?

Episode 3 With x Run Away x Running Spider: Six of the members of Genei Ryodan are on their way to the hotel where the fake Red Eyes are together with Squala. Luckily, Killua and Senritsu are there so, they have informed Kurapica on time.

Episode 4 Hostage x Insect x Feeling: Because of Kurapica, Gon and Killua were held hostage by Spider. What shall Leorio, Kurapica, and Senritsu do? How will they rescue Gon and Killua? What does "Black before my eyes" and "7o'clock" mean?

Episode 5 Report x Darkness x Released Chain: Pakunoda, Nobunaga, and Coltopi arrived at Beichitaku hotel where Gon and Killua were taken as hostages. Seven o'clock is near. What shall Gon and Killua do about the clues Leorio said? What drastic action will Kurapica do?

Episode 6 Dispute x Break Up x Swinging Fist: Kurapica kidnapped the Dancho. The Spider is now on the verge of fighting each other because of misunderstanding. Will Pakunoda follow Kurapica's orders? Or will she follow the decisions of other members to come with her to the place where Kurapica hid Kuroro? What shall she do?

Episode 7 (Pending)

Episode 8 (Pending)

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