Hunter X Hunter
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Genei Ryodan

Name: Bonorenolf
Age: 30
Nen: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
Ryodan Number: 13
Counterpart: The Mummy

Bonorenolf is the only Genei Ryodan member who doesn't possess the guts to utter a word. He's just always seen guarding their hideout or eavesdropping to the other members' fights. He is absolutely wrapped with some kind of leather belt from almost head to foot and is thin and bald.

This is the solitary member who never appeared in any of the Genei Ryodan's encounter with the Mafia. I'd like to know why. He looks kinda weak anyway. His Nen or ability and even his voice is very unknown.

Name: Cortopi
Age: 24
Nen: Materialization
Ability: Gallery Fake
Counterpart: Cousin It of The Addams Family

Cortopi is the smallest member of the Genei Ryodan and also appears as the weakest. He has exceedingly thick hair and an eye that is marble-like. In point of fact, many are baffled about his gender but for me he's male. He is often with Kuroro.

Even though Cortopi gives the impression as a feeble member, his power is a great help for the Genei Ryodan. With his Gugenka ability, he can make precise replicas of things. He touches the original object with his hand (I'm not sure whether left or right) and the fake copy materializes on the other. The counterfeit copies stay for only 24 hours. Because the fake objects are made out from Nen, Cortopi can trace it and sense if it is moving.

Name: Feitang
Age: 28
Nen: Unknown
Ability: Unknown

Feitang is one of those original members of the Genei Ryodan when it was first formed in Meteor City. He is recognizably strong notwithstanding his build and tallness. Many girls are also quite attracted to him.

Feitang is the tormenter of the Genei Ryodan. The other members might have already shown a bit of mercy but this lad hasn't publicized even just a single drop of clemency yet. His Nen wasn't openly shown in the series. We only see him in very swift moves on leaping and killing. His ability deals with the parts of the body. He can somewhat examine a dead body and acquire its memories. He probably also deals with poison.

Name: Franklin
Age: 33
Nen: Emission
Ability: Double Machine Gun (Nen Projectiles)
Weapon: His own fingers
Counterpart: Frankenstein

Franklin is conspicuously the largest member of the Genei Ryodan. He is astute in decision-making and is more often than not listened to by the other members. Franklin also acts as an older brother for Shizuku. He is very similar to Frankenstein with the shape of his face and the scars.

Franklin's special Houshutsu ability is called Double Machine Gun. He performs this by shooting aura bullets from his fingers. The tip of his fingers becomes an opening every time Franklin does his attack and a chain from the inside of the hole is used to hang the cut off fingers. Cool, huh?

Name: Hisoka
Nen: Transformation
Weapon: Bunjee Rubber
Ryodan Number: 4
Counterpart: Joker

Hisoka is a new member of the Genei Ryodan. Actually, he's just pretending. His true motive of joining the group is to fight with Kuroro. His presence in the group has proved that he is no ordinary person. He was able to join and it only means that he has beaten one of the old members. Many among the Genei Ryodan including Kuroro believe that Hisoka is not a lousy fighter.

Hisoka has been exchanging information with Kurapika secretly while he was in the group. Unfortunately, when he and Kuroro had the best chance to fight, Kuroro could no longer fight. It is because he was stabbed by Kurapika's Judgment Chain under a rule that he is forbidden to use Nen and communicate with his members. Subsequently, Hisoka left the group revealing that he is not really a Genei Ryodan member.

Name: Kuroro Rucilful
Age: 26
Nen: Materialization and Specification
Ability: Aura Filch
Weapon: Gugenka Book
Ryodan Number: 1

Kuroro is the leader of the Genei Ryodan. He is tranquil, iron-willed and vigilant in all his and the group's actions. One of his hobbies is reading books. A strange symbol is tattooed on his forehead. In one of the episodes, he went out on a some-kind-of-date with Neon. He wore a formal dress and loose hair with a band covering the sign on his forehead.

Kuroro's Nen ability is the most ideal power on the face of the Earth according to Hisoka. His Tokushitsu ability enables him to steal the Nen of other Nen users. He keeps all the stolen Nen in his Gugenka Book. There are steps that should be done in order to do this. More specifically, his victims will pitifully become powerless.

If he wants to use a stolen Nen ability, he goes to the page of the book where the Nen ability (and the picture of its owner) is sealed. In addition, Kuroro is powerless himself without his Gugenka Book.

Name: Machi
Age: 24
Nen: Transformation
Weapon: Aura Threads
Counterpart: Chocolate of Sorcerer Hunters

Machi is most likely the cruelest female member of the Genei Ryodan. It is probably because she has been in the group for such a long time already (she is actually one of the original members). Her eyes are very cold. Machi first appears in the Celestial Tower where she sews Hisoka's arms. She was the one who told Hisoka about the congregation in York New City. Hisoka somewhat flirts with her. Fufufu..

Machi transforms her aura into threads and can use it to stitch up cut veins and muscles and fractured bones in a hasty movement. As a weapon, she uses it to dangle her victims by their throat. Her threads are also fairly useful for it couldn't be noticed straightforwardly. She showed this ability when Ubon was catured by Kurapika for the first time. She was able to attach a thread to Ubon before he was completely lifted away. This almost made the Genei Ryodan track the oppressor right away.

Name: Nobunaga
Age: 30
Nen: Reinforcement
Weapon: Samurai
Counterpart: Himura Kenshin

Nobunaga is Ubon's bestfriend. They had been friends even before they became original members of the Genei Ryodan. He is a childlike person that is undeniably not a good-thinker. Nobunaga knows how to value friendship for he cried when Ubon died and promised himself to get vengeance on the "Chain-user."

Nobunaga's Nen ability wasn't shown in its exact form. The thing that is certain is that, he carries with him a samurai. But because he is a Kyouka user, it is 90% sure that his sword is strengthened by his own aura. He also shows his impressive En ability (the increase of the aura to a circle to detect incoming aura) in the series twice.

Name: Pakunoda
Age: 28
Nen: Materialization and Specification
Ability: Reminiscence Acquirement
Specialty: Memory Bullet
Weapon: Gugenka Gun
Counterpart: Vash Stampede

Pakunoda is another original female member of the Genei Ryodan. She shows some sort of important feeling towards Kuroro and is certifiably loyal to him. Pakunoda is probably the most compassionate among the females. She wears a sexy dress exposing part of her boobs.

Pakunoda's main ability is to acquire people's memories or even those left on objects simply by touch. Because of this ability, she is considered by the group as one of those people who shouldn't be killed. Another brilliant ability she possesses is called Memory Bullet. Basically, she stores all the memories she got from a certain person or object (sometimes including her own) in a bullet which shots from a Gugenka Revolver Gun. The person who'll be shot by the bullet will be acquainted with the memories stored in it rather than getting killed. She perfectly shows this power when she gunshots six of the Genei Ryodan members. Because of that, Pakunoda died - for revealing Kurapika's identity to the others is the rule made under the Judgment Chain in her heart.

Name: Phinx
Age: 33
Nen: Reinforcement
Ability: Physical Strength

Phinx is said to be the second strongest among the Genei Ryodan. He is definitely short-tempered and acts as if a wise decision-maker. He first appears in a weird Egyptian suit but later changed into a jogging outfit. He probably realized that he looks silly with that. Phinx has another unique physical feature - he has no eyebrows!

Like some of the other Genei Ryodan members, Phinx' Nen ability or weapon wasn't exactly shown. He fights with physical strength and moves very fast that he can crack several necks in a split second. He also shows his mercilessness when he pricked his bare hand on Dark Zorn (one of Neon's bodyguard).

Name: Shalnark
Age: 24
Nen: Manipulation
Weapon: Bat Cellphone Controller

Shalnark is the data gatherer of the Genei Ryodan. He is the intellect of the group and is the one who always elucidates the things that should be done in order to achieve what is right. He is a connoisseur when it comes to computers and games. Shalnark is probably a hunter for he owns a Hunter License Card himself. He has a cheerful face and a smile that has captured the attention of many girls. It is dreadfully hard to believe that he is a ruthless killer.

Shalnark's Nen ability is Sousa, which means he can manipulate living things. His weapon is a Bat Cellphone Controller that enables him to control people. He attaches an antenna on his target and that target (person) perfectly becomes his toy. He puppets his victims either by making him move or talk using the keypads of his cellphone. The screen of his cellular phone displays the words "Game Over" when his victim dies.

Name: Shizuku
Age: 19
Nen: Materialization
Weapon: Deme-chan
Ryodan Number: 8

Shizuku is the newest member of the Genei Ryodan. But honestly, she doesn't appear like one. Akin to most of the members, she kills hardheartedly with a guiltless expression. She is left-handed and is absolutely forgetful. With her brunette hair and eyeglasses, she perfectly looks a brainy college girl. She acts as a younger sister of Franklin.

Shizuku has her own aura-made weapon which is a vacuum cleaner named Deme-chan. Deme-chan is a very weird vacuum. It has eyes and a mouth that has sharp teeth and a tongue lynching out. Shizuku usually uses it to crack through a person's head.

Deme-chan is also a very handy weapon for it can also function by its literal appearance. It can suck anything non-living under Shizuku's command (excluding aura-made objects). Once, Shizuku cleaned up a whole room with dead people and chairs. A big mystery Deme-chan possesses is the fact that it can vacuum as many objects as it can without even getting occupied.

Name: Ubon
Age: 27
Nen: Reinforcement
Ability: Impact of the Big Bang
Counterpart: Blanka of Street Fighter

Ubon is the strongest member of the Genei Ryodan. He is extremely hot-headed and acts like a wild beast. He has a high pride that resulted him his death when Kurapika wrapped and stabbed the Judgment Chain on his heart. He is Nobunaga's bestfriend even before the Genei Ryodan was born and his death has made not only Nobunaga, but also the other members plant a grudge against the "Chain-user."

Ubon uses his Nen by strengthening all parts of his own body. Missiles and bullets don't even leave a scratch upon touching his skin. His shout is so humungous that as if a seismic activity is taking place. His special ability is called Impact of the Big Bang where he concentrates his entire aura in his fist (just like Gon) to create a very strong punch. Nevertheless, he is still unsatisfied with this ability for what he wants as the counterpart of his punch is that of a Nuclear Bomb. In one of the episodes, Ubon fought with hundreds of Mafians while Machi and Shalnark played cards.

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